The SKAKO Group operates actively within two business segments:

These two segments are different, and for this reason, the Group is operating separate strategies for each segment, while maintaining a high utilization of common resources.

The business segment for Vibration equipment for industrial use has production facilities in Faaborg, Denmark, and Strasbourg, France, and is based on application know-how and technology developed in-house. The segment develops designs and sells vibration equipment for industrial uses. The market is cultivated on the basis of a niche strategy, where the target group comprises businesses in selected segments that use vibration equipment for industrial purposes. Traditionally, geographical coverage has comprised the principal markets of the EU and North Africa.

In 2012, SKAKO Vibration commenced an expansion into new markets outside its principal markets. The initiative involves expansion of the external sales organisation, expansion of the network of dealers and agents, and strengthening of the internal functions in both Strasbourg and Faaborg to support the increased level of activity.

The segment is an expert in machinery and complete plants for the production of concrete, and it accounts for the majority of SKAKO’s operations. The company is largely a project sales and engineering business, where significant portions of the production processes for steel constructions are outsourced to an international network of approved subcontractors. In 2010, production of key components was concentrated at the new main factory in Lille, France.

Recent key initiatives in the Concrete business segment are covered by the following headings:

Standardisation of the product range has almost been completed, such that the Group now has one single, consolidated range of products rather than two distinct ones, as previously. This will generate savings throughout the value chain. Outsourcing of individual processes has continued with a view to reducing unit prices.

The work to consolidate sales and marketing input worldwide was completed in 2012, with all the companies now being marketed under the same brand: SKAKO Concrete. At the same time, the Group launched a project to expand its markets into the principal markets of the USA, Russia, Germany and Africa, where there are expectations for positive growth over the coming years.

At the end of 2012, SKAKO Concrete launched its largest introduction of new products and product updates in recent times. In 2012, the segment introduced a completely new concrete distributor under the name of DISTRIBETON, as well as a new concrete bucket conveyor under the name of CONFLEX Eco. Finally, a new and innovative concrete mixer (patent applied for) with improved mixing properties was introduced in early 2013 under the name of ROTOCONIX.