October 27, 2016

Interim report for SKAKO A/S for the first three quarters of 2016

”We maintain our expectations for the year. The large plant orders for our concrete division means that we expect to have a significantly higher order book for the entire SKAKO Group at the beginning of 2017,” says Chairman of the Board of Directors Kaare Vagner.

Today the Board of Directors has considered and adopted the interim report for the period from 1 January to 30 September 2016 for SKAKO A/S.
• The order intake of the period has been realized with 221.8 million DKK (2015: 239.1 million DKK)
• The revenue of the period amounted to 222.8 million DKK (2015: 232.7 million DKK)
• The result of primary activities (EBIT) amounted to 8.8 million DKK (2015: 8.7 million DKK)
• The result after tax amounted to 9.1 million DKK (2015: 6.3 million DKK) equivalent to earnings per share of 2,96 DKK. (2015: 2.06 DKK)
• The cash flow amounted to -6.8 million DKK (2015: 16.3 million DKK)
The order intake consisting of several large projects has resulted in an increase of the working capital. 

SKAKO A/S maintains the expectations to an increasing activity level and a result after tax of 15-25 million DKK for 2016 equivalent to earnings per share of 4.83 to 8.05 DKK.

Please find the company announcement here (in Danish)