May 09, 2018

SKAKO sells double high silo plant to Hanson in England

In continuation of company announcement No. 24/2017 dated 21 December 2017 we hereby inform that SKAKO Concrete A/S has entered into a contract with the English company Hanson Quarry Products Europe Limited. The project will be realized in second half-year of 2018 and in 2019. 

The contract comprises a complete plant delivery including a double high silo system with a volume of 1200 m³ each, 8 x 200 tons cement silos, 2 x 6000 litres concrete mixers and a fully automatic SKAKOMAT control system. The plant will be used for production of ready-mix concrete. The plant will be located centrally in London as neighbour to the O2 Arena and becomes so a prestige project for both Hanson and SKAKO due to size and location.

Development of new and large concrete mixer now pays off 

”In 2017, SKAKO initiated the development of a new 6000 litres concrete mixer and now we see the result hereof. It is not only the largest mixer that we have manufactured so far. The mixer has also been developed with focus on the substantial personal safety and service friendliness characterizing the SKAKO products. With this mixer we have opened the doors to a number of new high-end projects” says Søren Pedersen, Managing Director of SKAKO Concrete A/S

The order will have a positive effect on turnover and earnings in 2018 and 2019.

The expectations to the financial guidelines in 2018 for SKAKO A/S are maintained.  

Yours sincerely


Jens Wittrup Willumsen

Chairman of the Board of Directors

For further information:

Søren Pedersen

Managing director, SKAKO Concrete A/S

Tel.: 6361 6100