SKAKO Vibration - The Experts in Vibration Technology

SKAKO Vibration is one of the leading European manufacturers of vibratory equipment. The machines are used across the complete spectrum of material handling, such as:

• Vibratory Storage Feeders
• Vibratory Conveyors
• Bin Dumpers
• Bowl Feeders
• Vibratory Screens
• Grizzly Feeders

SKAKO VIBRATION is a professional and proven business partner, specializing in the supply of vibratory solutions, which activate, transport and separate bulk solids. By using vibration technology, a steady and even flow of material is achieved, which ensures the highest degree of process efficiency and uniformity. The machines can handle the toughest tasks in harsh environments, as they can endure high temperatures, withstand heavy impacts and handle both sharp and interlocking objects. The robust machines are efficient and long lived, which makes them a  sound investment. 

The principle aim of SKAKO VIBRATION is to develop solutions, utilizing vibration-engineering technology, that will meet both present and future customer needs. SKAKO Vibration strives to reach this goal, in liaison with the customer, by applying a high-degree of knowledge, flexibility, and the understanding of the customer's requirements. 

For more detailed information on any of the applications, contact SKAKO Vibration via your Sales Manager Jim Witucki at e-mail jwi(at) or phone (260) 450-1754.