Steel Fibre Proportioning

SKAKO CONCRETE offers 2 different compact solutions for steel fibre proportioning.

Proportioning unit for positive weighing:

It makes the manual feeding superfluous and ensures

  • Accurate weighing
  • Complete separation of clinging fibres
  • Fully automatic process
  • Excellent distribution of fibres during feeding
  • Stock compartment, easy to fill with bags, sacks and boxes
  • Compact design
  • Proportioning into mixer or directly in truck mixer

The units integrate perfectly into the long proven SKAKO CONCRETE automation systems or other process controllers.

Steel fibre proportioning

Steel fibre proportioning feeders:

Special purpose type FRU feeders are custom designed to handle steel fibres. They cover the accurate dosing of the fibres either as negative weighing or alternatively as positive weighing onto belt weighers/hopper, and the design allows for the even spreading of the fibres either directly into the mixer or alternatively into the truck mixer.

Steel Fibre Proportioning