Iron & Steel

Below is a selection of the units supplied by SKAKO VIBRATION to the Iron & Steel industry.


To ensure the most efficient screening of raw materials in the blast furnace batch process, including coke, sinter, ore & pellets, vibratory feeders are used to give a controlled, evenly spread feed either directly to the screens, or indirectly via a conveyor belt. Type FCE or FCU totally modular feeders are used, with widths usually either 1000, 1250, 1600 or 2000mm, with capacities up to 1000TPH. For wider discharge or higher capacities, the feeders are custom designed to suit the application. Both drive options of electro-magnetic vibrators and unbalanced motors offer variable feed rate control and suit totally automated control systems.


Vibratory feeders type FCE with electro-magnetic drives are used to dose the required steel element additives. With instant on/off and infinitely variable feed rate control between 0 - 100%, together with fully automated control, they ensure accurate dosing of the additives. In either open or totally enclosed dust proof designs, standard sizes up to 1250 mm wide or customised units are utilised.


Type FCU or CCU feeders with unbalanced motor drive are used for the collection of fines under transfer points, and also to discharge the collected fines following the screening process. The unbalanced motor drives will operate at a predetermined fixed feed rate. Most applications are covered by standard width units between 560 - 2000mm. A range of wear resistant liner plates including hardened steels, chromium carbide or ceramic tiles are available.


Custom designed vibratory conveyors are used to prevent the spillage of hot sinter fines from the sintering machine. The conveyor is sited between the upper and lower sinter strands, and allows the collection of fines across the full machine width, with discharge to the side. These units are usually approx. 9M long, with exciter drive.


To remove any fines from the ore and pellets prior to the blast furnace batch process, horizontal single deck screens are utilised. Of heavy duty total compressed fit 'Huck' bolted construction, with drive provided via a synchronous geared exciter vibrator unit. For this process, screens with a deck area of between 10 - 20SQ.M are normally utilised.


When handling coke, with its inherent low bulk density, the screens need to be dimensioned to process large volumetric capacities, often resulting in 'deep' screen designs. As the coke is corrosive, abrasive and often incorporating sticky fines, the deck configuration and wear liners are individually selected to meet the sites exact requirements, based on the decades of experience of SKAKO VIBRATION solving coke screening applications.


SKAKO VIBRATION produce custom designed horizontal screens to grade the cold sinter for 2 functions. The first function is to produce the 'bedding layer' of approx. 15 - 25mm which protects the sinter machine, and the second function is to remove the fines below 5mm. With total compressd fit 'Huck' bolted construction and geared exciter vibrator drive, the screens can be provided with screening areas up to 40SQ.M.


SKAKO VIBRATION are specialists in the production of screens to handle hot sinter, usually in the range of 500 - 1000 deg. C, whilst removing the minus 5 mm. With production plant capacities often in the range of 1200 - 1500TPH required, screens are used in series to provide the screening area, with individual screen sizes up to 4M wide x 7M long. For the highest operating temperatures, the construction allows for cooling air to be blown through the screen body and the exciter drive. The specialist screening deck, either from cast or refractory stainless steel construction, allows for heat and abrasion resistance. The deck is mounted on a special 'fixed/mobile' arrangement, to allow for heat expansion & contraction.